Server Time:

Aegis Armor

10 HC

Aegis Shoes

15 HC

Bankai Shield

10 HC

Server Information

Server Information

1000/250 - Max Base/Job Level
1000 Max Stats
2600K/2600K/8x Rates
Floating Rates: Up to 8x/8x/8x changeable by player donating to NPC
ASPD: 195
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
Job Changer: No Rebirth Necessary

Server Customizations

Bleach Theme
Dynamic Costumes (Choose all iRO upper/mid/lower)
Dynamic Class Costume (Choose any class look you want, third jobs included.)
Instant skill balancing (Any untested skills can be adjusted in 30 seconds without server delays)
+200 Pokemon Pets
Pokemon Battle Assistance
Mount System (All classes can use a speed mount to boost movement speed)
Ex-quip System (Change set equipments on the fly with a single command)
Duel Wager (Bet other players currency in a 1v1 Duel)
Dice Bet (Play dice with other players)
Full Casino with Over and Under / Roulette / Rock Paper scissors/ Slot Machines / Jackpot
Guild House Rentals
Extended Vending System
Shikai Skill
Bankai Skill
WoE Reward ALL
PVP points
MVP Points
Daily Login Points

Server Events

War of Emperium
King of Emperium
Safari Zone
Last Man Standing
Run for your life
Poring Race
Hide and Seek Pikachu
Code Breaker
Daily Item Hunt
Daily Monster Hunt
Disguise Event
Fast Type Event
Guess the number
Poring Punch

Server Rankings

MMR Rankings
PVP Rankings
WOE Rankings
Guild Rankings
Emperium Break Rankings